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Southern Railway

Development of training course modules and materials and delivery of training for maintenance of 319, 170, 377 stocks. 

Provision of consultancy on maintenance procedures manual design & development, a training review and development of VMIs for 170 & 377s.

Process management review, using quality management tools, of exam procedures and maintenance documentation

Traction & rolling stock trainer development against NVQ level 3 framework

Development of all training courses for maintenance of 319, 377 & 170 rolling stocks

Provision of consultancy in writing Vehicle Maintenance Instructions (VMIs) for 377 & 170 rolling stocks

Process management review, using Quality Management tools, of vehicle exam process and maintenance documentation

Qualification of traction & rolling stock trainers against NVQ level 3 framework

Provision of A1 qualification

“RTI facilitated a Quality Improvement Team” looking at improving the service control process for Southern Railway”.

Southern Railway | RTI