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Risk-Based Training Needs Analysis (RBTNA)

Risk-based training needs analysis or RBTNA is used to identify training needs and prioritise effort according to safety and business risk.

RBTNA is a key documented output required to meet Phase 1 of the UK ORR’s Guidance on Competence Management.

Specifically, the RBTNA collates data on the activities, risks associated with those activities and associated control measures, which help to define the training requirement. The RBTNA itself is an output for Phase 2 (establish requirements for training, development and assessment).

Building on best practice guidance from Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB), we have developed our RBTNA product using our experiences, to provide additional features to make the RBTNA more robust.

RTI have the experiences of completing RBTNAs for most operational, control room and engineering roles in the industry, including track safety and associated roles.

Our RBTNA product supports the process of training validation, providing an audit trail of the whole training product.

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